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Save The Bays

Save the Bays, founded in 2013, is comprised of a diverse group of individuals and community partners, both local and international, that work together to protect our beautiful 700 islands and surrounding waters. Join us in our efforts.

Waterkeepers Bahamas

Waterkeepers Bahamas is the Regional entity under Waterkeepers Alliance® that focuses on helping local communities to protect their water resources through field work and assessments monitoring beaches, watersheds throughout our Bahamian islands.



Pass Environmental Protection Legislation (EPA)


Pass Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)


Halt Unregulated Development


Mitigate Oil Pollution


Provide Land and Marine Parks


Promote Sustainable Fishing

What We Do

Legal Advocacy

Provide the evidence of threats or mismanagement of our natural resources to the legal community and encourage them to pass new laws to stop the depletion of our natural environment.

Science & Monitoring

Teams of staff and volunteers collect data while patrolling Bahamian lands and waters. The data is monitored to detect changes in conditions and denote problem areas or threats.

Community Outreach

Adult and student educational programs that teaches the delicate balance and relationship of our unique Bahamian ecosystems, and how together we thrive and are protected by its bounty.


Be a part of our dynamic group with opportunities to conduct environmental assessments, participate in water monitoring activities, even be a guest lecturer at one of our many seminars. Make a difference today!

Read about how your efforts and dollars ensure swimmable, drinkable, fishable water in The Bahamas.