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Anchor Projects – KB

Our Director and #1 Recording artist in The Bahamas, KB, has released another song about one of our major concerns ANCHOR PROJECTS!

We need to make smart decisions about large projects in our islands and respect the locals opinions on how or if they will work in their communities. As we work to Save The Bays, we are asking our government to make sensible decisions about new projects, ones that our non-damaging to our environment and eco-friendly for our future. Please watch, listen and share as we all work to Save The Bays in our beautiful Bahamas.

Help SAVE Little Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas

Help us SAVE the beautiful Little Harbour, in Abaco. Join the Responsible Development for Abaco (RDA) team and #‎savethebays as we demand that the Government respects the LOCALS!

Save The Bays Investigations – Guana Cay

In this video, Save The Bays Director, Fred Smith travels to Guana Cay to investigate the environmental destruction that has been caused in Guana Cay as a result of development on the cay including the Baker’s Bay golf course. Troy Albury, Save The Bays Director and President of Save Guana Cay Reef took Fred Smith on a tour of the cay and a dive of the reef for the investigation. This investigation also looks into the ways that the Baker’s Bay has failed to live up to promises made in the Heads of Agreement they signed with the Government. Please watch and share this video to raise awareness of what’s happening.

International Environmentalists Visit Nygard Cay

International Environmentalists explored the area around Nygard Cay and commented on the effects of unregulated development on our environment.  Please watch this video and share this to show the effect that certain development can have on our marine environments.

Anchor Projects

Here’s a video on proposed anchor projects and how the government is keeping all of these projects a secret from the Bahamian people.  Watch this video to learn about failing anchor projects and alternative sustainable projects for The Bahamas.  Please share this video to raise awareness of what’s happening in The Bahamas.

Save The Bays Urges the Government to Establish the North Bimini Marine Reserve

We hosted a group of international environmentalists to a tour of The Bahamas, especially areas that are of concern to Save The Bays. One of the locations we visited during our tour was the North Bimini Marine Reserve which has been proposed but hasn’t been established as a marine protected area by the government. Please help us share this video and demand that the government formalizes the North Bimini Marine Reserve today.

International Environmentalists Investigate Bimini

During a recent trip hosted by Save The Bays, international environmentalists visited Bimini to explore the damage caused by the recent dredging by the Machiavell, the large dredger hired by Resorts World. All of the environmentalists agree that further unregulated development could have serious impact on Bimini and their tourism industry as the silt from the recent dredging remains a problem for local reefs. Please watch and share this video to raise awareness of what is happening in Bimini and the consequences of unregulated, unmitigated development.

Oil Pollution at Clifton Bay

This video was taken during a recent visit by international environmentalists and takes a look at the ongoing oil pollution in the Clifton Bay area. Our visitors noted that the amount of oil in the water is appalling and needs to be fixed as this is an important site for The Bahamas. Please watch and share this video and raise awareness of oil spills in The Bahamas and especially near Clifton Bay.

Fishing Guide Proposes Alternative to Aragonite Mining

In this video, Senior Fishing Guide Meko speaks about establishing sustainable boutique hotels and fishing lodges through The Bahamas rather than large hotel chains and plans for a large aragonite mining operation for East Grand Bahama.

Aragonite Mining in East End Will be a Job Killer

In this video, Deputy Chief Councilor, Shervin Tate explains how the proposed aragonite mining operation for East End, Grand Bahama will be a job killer, as hundreds of Bahamians in the area rely on the surrounding waters to make their liv

Abaco Defenders explore Treasure Cay Creek

In this video, Save The Bays partner Abaco Defenders explore the creek behind Treasure Cay, Abaco, inspect for any damage done by Treasure Sands resort and explain the importance of the wetlands in The Bahamas. Help us to save this wetland and the bays throughout The Bahamas by becoming a FREE member of Save The Bays and signing our petition

Paul Moss at Coaltion to Save Clifton Meeting

Paul Moss of the People’s Deliverance Party gave opening comments at the Coalition to Save Clifton’s meeting on the future of Clifton Bay. The meeting was held to address Peter Nyagrd’s applications for permits to expand his property and continue work on the property that has already been claimed. During his speech he noted that we need to ensure that Clifton Bay is left for generations to come.

Rev CB Moss Opening Speech at Coalition to Save Clifton Meeting

During the recent meeting which was held by the Coalition to Save Clifton, Rev CB Moss commented on the Coalition’s work thus far and how the government approved the Clifton Land park and promised to enact the sea park later.  However the government has not followed through with plans for the sea park, rather Peter Nygard applied for these areas, which has already been destroyed.  We support his efforts via our petition, watch and share this video and please consider signing our petition

Fred Smith Speech at Coalition to Save Clifton Meeting

Here’s Save The Bays Director Fred Smith’s speech at the public meeting which was held by the Coalition to Save Clifton on the future of Clifton Bay. Join the fight to Save The Bays by signing up to be a member.

FOIA Demonstration Coverage

Here’s NB12 coverage of our Freedom of Information Demonstration demanding that an FOIA is passed. In this video, various supporters share why they feel an FOIA should be enacted in The Bahamas. Please help us to get a FOIA by signing our petition at

FOIA Demonstration – Day 2

Here’s NB12 coverage of Day 2 of our Freedom of Information Demonstration which took place last month in Rawson Square. Please watch and share this video to help raise awareness of the importance of a Freedom of Information Act, and sign our petition to demand an FOIA at

Why do YOU want an FOIA – Sam Duncombe

During our recent Freedom of Information Demonstration, we asked our supporters why they thought The Bahamas needed a Freedom of Information Act. Here’s Save The Bays Director, Sam Duncombe letting us know why she wants an FOIA. We encourage you to watch and share this video, and upload your own videos letting us know why YOU want an FOIA.

Why do YOU want a Freedom of Information Act

During our recent Freedom of Information Demonstration, we asked our supporters why they thought The Bahamas needed a Freedom of Information Act. Here’s Rev Andrew Stewart letting us know why he wants an FOIA. We encourage you to watch and share this video, and upload your own videos letting us know why YOU want an FOIA.

Anti-Privacy Paradise

This video which was filmed by Russia Today (a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios) investigates NSA wire tapping in The Bahamas, and includes footage from our FOIA demonstration. Please watch and share this video with #foiabahamasnow

Say No to Nygard!

Over the past 20 years Peter Nygard has expanded his property in Simms Point to nearly twice its original size. Finally the government is requiring that he applies for permits for the works that he’s done. He is also applying for further expansion. These plans are open for comments at the Department of Physical Planning. Please send in your comments before July 9th and Say No To Nygard!

Stunning Save The Bays Investigations – Nygard Cay

After many years of controversy, the government has finally requested the Peter Nygard apply for permits for the work that has been done and continues to be done at Nygard Cay/Simms Point. However, you can write to the Ministry of Works and share your input before his applications are accepted. Plans can be viewed at the Department of Physical Planning in the Ministry of Works Building (ground floor) Application #116140. All comments must be made by July 9th. Please send your comments on the permit applications to:

Director of Physical Planning PO Box N-1611, Nassau Bahamas or via Fax 242-328-3206
Phone 242-322-7550/2 or 328-3202

You can also copy the Prime Minister
Sir Cecil Wallace Whitfield Centre
P O Box CB 10980
Nassau, N.P., The Bahamas
Fax (242)327-5806

Save The Bays Investigations – Blackbeard’s Cay

In the 3rd Installment of our Save The Bays Investigations series, we take a look at the dolphin facilities at Blackbeard’s Cay. We ask you all to please watch and share this video to raise awareness of the way dolphins are being treated at Blackbeard’s Cay.

Save The Bays Investigations – Treasure Sands

Save The Bays is back with a second installment of our investigations series of videos, this time traveling to Treasure Cay, Abaco. In this installment, Save The Bays Directors traveled to Abaco to conduct an investigation into dredging activity occurring near Treasure Sands Resort. Their visit has led them to join with local demands for an Environmental Impact Assessment for the site. Please watch and share this video everywhere and help us raise awareness about what is occurring.

Save The Bays Investigations – Bimini

Here’s whats REALLY happening in Bimini! Watch our new video that investigates what’s currently occurring in Bimini as it pertains to the Bimini Bay, and see first hand what Biminites think of the development.

Biminites Speak Out Against Proposed Pier Construction

In this video, made by our community partner Bimini Blue Coalition, Biminites are shown speaking out against the proposed construction of a cruise ship pier. Many residents feel left in the dark about this development and as a result do not support it. Please watch and share this video to help support Bimini.

Would this be allowed to take place in Florida?

Our community partner, Bimini Blue Coalition made the following video, showing what is happening in Bimini, and questioning if it would be allowed other places. We strongly encourage you to watch and share this video to help stop construction of the proposed cruise ship pier.

How Much Seafood Have You Eaten in Your Lifetime?

Save The Bays is Against Oil Spills

Recently, large oil spills have been happening in Clifton Bay, and now oil exploration is a possibility for the Bahamas. Save The Bays would like to know what is causing the oil spills, and would also like preventative measures put in place to stop oil spills.
A Freedom of Information Act and an Environmental Protection Act would go a long way in helping with oil spills in The Bahamas.

Save The Bays Visits the Island School

Save The Bays directors visits our community partner the Island School in Cape Eleuthera, Bahamas

Bunker C at Wilson City, Abaco (Sep 6, 2009)

Don’t take our word for it, learn more about Bunker C, also known as, heavy fuel, residual fuel, or No. 6 Fuel Oil

Debunking B.E.C. (Oct 15, 2009)

Abaco’s Alternative to Wilson City (Dec 15 2009)

There are more options than HFO or even diesel, BEC just doesn’t want anyone to know about the why?