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Music Videos

Save The Bays / Music Videos

Das Nasty – KB

This video is about deterring persons from littering and urging them to keep their environment clean. The song is performed, written and produced by Bahamian recording artist K.B.

Save The Bays YEA Programme

Drumming was brought into the YEA, leadership program, as this experience is used in leadership training for adults and children in the US and other countries. The drumming actually motivates, stimulates and gives an added passion to those who are introverted, and helps them learn to express themselves more. This motivation will be used for the students to become better spokesperson about their environment. AND it’s FUN!

Freedom of Information – KB

Getting a Freedom of Information Act is one of our priority issues, and on of our Directors, KB recently released this song and video in support of our fight for a FOIA. Please listen to the song and share it and sign and share our petition to get a Freedom of Information Act passed at

Oil Fish – KB

In light of the recent oil spill in Nassau, here’s a song from Save The Bays Director, KB on oil spills in The Bahamas.  Please share this video on all of your pages and help raise awareness of Save The Bays.

Sweet Bimini – KB

Protecting the Bimini Bay is extremely important to Save The Bays. Here’s a video from Save The Bays Director, KB on Bimini and how we all need to fight to protect this beautiful island.

Hold Dey Feet to Da Fire – KB

Save The Bays Director, KB recently released a new song called “Hold Dey Feet to da Fire” which discusses all of the issues that have led to our repeated demands for a Freedom of Information Act! Please watch and share this video and hold the government’s feet to the fire by signing and sharing our petition to get an FOIA passed at

It’s Up To We – KB

Protecting the Bahamas and its natural resources is up to us and this video from Save The Bays Director, shows just that. Please watch and share and do your part to help us Save The Bays

Dream For Our Bahamaland – KB

Here’s a video from Save The Bays Director, KB on what his dream for our Bahamaland is, including environmental protection which will keep The Bahamas beautiful for years to come. Please watch and share this

Dey Sellin’ 2.0 – KB

Is The Bahamas a country for sale? This video from Save The Bays Director, KB explores the sale of natural resources in The Bahamas.

Conchservation – KB

Conchservation is one of Save The Bays’ initiatives and this song by KB helps show the importance of conserving conch.